20 Oct

A sale is not the end but a beginning!

Your relationship with a customer should not stop once a sale has been made or a service provided. All small businesses should have an after sales process to build and nurture an ongoing relationship.

The advantages of building a good after sales process include building goodwill, building a good reputation and most importantly generating repeat and referral business.

So what should the after sales process look like?

It should always involve garnering feedback. Feedback on the product or service provided as well as the customer service experience. This can be done at point of sale or through a follow up call or email.

You should also establish and agree on an ongoing way of communication in order to nurture the relationship. This can be done by getting a customer’s phone number, address and/ or email as well as inviting them to follow you on social media.

Setting up a loyalty program is another great way to build your ongoing relationship. This can take the form of discounts, a free product or even a birthday card or present.