18 Oct

Are you ready to jingle all the way to Christmas?

Smallbusiness, preparing for the festive season shouldn’t be stressful. By planning ahead and getting organised now, you can enjoy the lead up to Christmas as much as everyone else.

If you’re still undecided on what to do, here are some quick and relatively cheap ideas to help:

– Buy some decorations ready to decorate your work space come December. If you are online only, prepare to decorate your website & social media.
– Stock up on edible goodies such as mince pies, candy canes or chocolate for giving out to customers and clients.
– Create a Christmas gift voucher to make gift giving easier.
– Hire a Santa or musicians to create a festive atmosphere or perhaps hire a costume yourself and dress up.
– Schedule a 12 days of Christmas countdown on social media. You could highlight a different product, offer a different discount or if budget allows giveaway a prize each day.
– Decide on a date for a VIP shopping morning or night and invite your customers.
– Order your cards & gifts for VIP clients especially if they are going to have your branding. Write in them personally if you can though to make them feel special.