01 Mar

March Ideas

March is a great month for marketing!

With the change of season bringing warmer weather and lighter evenings, people emerge from their Winter hibernation ready to get more active. People are eating out more, participating in outdoor activities and generally feeling more positive about life.

Spring brings an array of gorgeous colours in nature, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and décor for our home. If you are in any of these industries the opportunities abound for marketing. Even if you are not in a directly related industry, use the Spring colours in your marketing to create interest and grab attention.

March also brings with it many celebrations. March the 8th is International Women’s day. If your target customers are women, then get on board and celebrate the achievements of women in our community.

The 17th of March is St Patricks Day. This is no longer a celebration just for the Irish. Many others also celebrate this day. Why not join the celebrations in your business.

Mother’s day is on the 26th of March. This is a special day for the majority of the population. Everyone is on the hunt for that perfect way of saying thank you to their Mum for all that they do. Is your product or service a great way of saying thank you? Make sure you are marketing it accordingly.

Wishing you a fabulous month.