03 Jan

Now is the time to Review, Refresh, Refocus!

Happy New Year! I hope you were able to take some time off over the festive period and spend it with loved ones.

Going back to work after a break is always difficult. This is especially true after Christmas/New Year when in most cases, your focus has not been on work but enjoying the festivities and socialising with family and friends.

To help get your mind back on business, throughout January I will be sharing ideas & tips to set you on the path to achieving success in 2017. Now is the perfect time to take stock and set your g
oals for the new year. To do this we will be focusing on the 3 R’s: Review, Refresh and Refocus.


In order to move forward in you
r business you often need to look back. Take time out to review how your business performed in 2016. What did you do well and what could you do better? The answers to these questions will help you decide what changes need to be made and where to focus your energies in 2017.

The start of a new year is also a great time to refresh, not
only you and your staff, but the tools you have, or need, to help you achieve your goals. What knowledge and skills do you and your staff need to meet the challenges of 2017? Do you have all the tools you need or do they need updating? Think about your technology, processes, website and marketing, do they need a refresh?


Get back to basics and refocus on what’s important. What are your business goals and what do you need to do this year to achieve them? What specific goals do you have for 2017 and what strategies will help you get there?

As a small business owner, I know it’s not always easy finding the time to focus on the 3 R’s. However, I can assure you, invest the time now and you will reap the benefits throughout the year and put yourself in the best possible position to achieve success in 2017.

May your 2017 be happy and prosperous!


New Year Review Refresh Refocus